On the Road Again…

We just returned from a very successful extended weekend in lovely Boston, and Kate is heading out tomorrow for her long overdue honeymoon. As soon as she returns we hit the road again and head back to Massachussetts, Sturbridge this time, for the New England Needlework Association Convention. Are you a stockist or yarn shop owner in the New England area?  We’ll be there with our fabulous sales rep, Susan Shabo, Sunday May 2nd 9:30-5:00 and Monday May 3rd 9:30-3:00. We’d love to meet you!

Last weekend, while in Boston–Brookline to be specific–we had a great photoshoot for our new line of fall patterns.  Here’s a sneak peek:




We’ll have all the samples from the new pattern line at NENA for you to see, as well as our current line of free and wholesale patterns.  Also at NENA we’ll be bringing some of our remaining stock of discontinued yarns for shop owners to purchase as cash and carry.  In the boxes packed and ready to go are:  Khroma, Pemaquid, Knightsbridge and more!  We’ll also have discontinued Fibre Company patterns available for deeeeep discounts!

See you there!

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