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Give A Hoot!

Give a hoot by Jocelyn Tunney

Give A Hoot is our newest free pattern download. Designed by Jocelyn Tunney, this pattern features a unique thumb gusset and the classic cable owl motif we all know and love. The owls are worked on a reverse stockinette stitch background and feature 1/8″ mother of pearl buttons as eyes.

The image on the back shows the thumb gusset detail.  It is very easy to do and has a great fit, not to mention it just plain looks nifty!



5 thoughts on “Give A Hoot!

  1. MSbeckey says:

    Love the mittens! The gusset looks like it would be much easier than the thumb gussets I’ve done before.

  2. Cassy says:

    I love these mittens! I think there may be a slight error with the top of hand decreases on the right mitten. It seems that the numbers should be the same as on the left mitten. Just thought you might like to know. It’s a great pattern.

  3. Those are absolutely adorable. I’m definitely going to give this pattern a try. Thanks!

  4. […] Give A Hoot mittens are really fun and cute. I think there might be a slight number error on the right mitten […]

  5. Linda says:

    Kate, congrats! On your new endeavor and you patterns. I am sure that you remember knitting mittens in the basement of Converse Hall. Love the style of these mittens, at 60 though, owls don’t fit me. Do you have a plain version?
    Printed the white hat pattern as soon as I saw it and looked for the yarn on the webs, website and could not find it. Going this weekend to look in person and need needles.

    keep up the good work and creative designs. I am VERY proud. linda

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