Give A Hoot!

Give A Hoot is our newest free pattern download, available on our free patterns page.  Designed by Jocelyn Tunney, this pattern features a unique thumb gusset and the classic cable owl motif we all know and love.  The owls are worked on a reverse stockinette stitch background and feature 1/8" mother of pearl buttons as eyes.

Give a Hoot Mitten

The image on the back shows the thumb gusset detail.  It is very easy to do and has a great fit, not to mention it just plain looks nifty!

Give a Hoot Mitten (Back)

Kate snuck this pattern onto Ravelry last night, in hopes of a "soft release," so we would have time to email our stockists, reps and to do this blog post but we woke up this morning to 51 "hearts" on Ravelry!  I am always amazed at how quickly these things get out there.


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