Year of Hats: February Hat

Today is the third Tuesday of the month, and that can only mean one thing - the February Hat is here!

February Hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn

This year we’re releasing a new, free hat design the third Tuesday of each month here on the blog made in Germantown. Germantown is a soft, durable, 100% N. American Wool with ample yardage at an uber affordable price point. Find all 18 colors of Germantown here, along with a list of all our stockists here.

When thinking about what I wanted to do for my first contribution to the year of hats, I took a bunch of elements of knitting I really, really love - a folded brim, textured stitches, stripes, and a pom pom - and incorporated them all into the design.

February Hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn

The February Hat begins with a provisional cast on, and then a deep one by one ribbing is worked to create the folded brim. The body of the hat is worked in four different textured patterns that incorporate slipped stitches, knits, and purls.

Simple decreases shape the crown, and a squishy dense pom pom completes the look! You can view more images and download the free pattern via Ravelry here.

In conjunction with the release of the designs, we're also offering limited kits that include a custom leather tag, yarn for sewing the tag on (in both contrast and matching colors), and one skein of Germantown in the recommended color. Ask for it at your favorite LYS!

Happy Little Accidents: My Humulus Sweater (Dress)

Did you all watch or grow up with The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross? Well, when I tried on my freshly blocked Humulus his famous phrase was my first thought: “There are no mistakes, only happy little accidents.”

Humulus by Isabell Kraemer called to me from the moment I saw its hop-filled yoke last year. At the time I was still living in Fort Collins, Colorado—the Napa Valley of craft beer. The sweater design and enthusiastic beer lifestyle of Colorado were a perfect pairing. When I moved back to the east coast I decided to make Humulus as a wooly token of my second home. A sheepish text was sent to Kate requesting a sweaters worth of my favorite new Kelbourne yarn, Scout, in graphite heather and natural. A short time later a bag full of squishy Scout was all mine!

The original Humulus is gorgeous, but I needed to modify it for my body type and comfort level. So, I carefully swatched, blocked my swatch, made modifications for a swancho-type fit with deep armholes, a roomy body with ample ease, and a cowl neck. What I didn’t expect was my gauge drastically changing over the four months spent picking up and putting down this project. Clearly, my new Kelbourne lifestyle has suited me well because my gauge got wicked loose.

When I tried on my Humulus after blocking the hemline nearly touched my knees, the armholes were deeper than I intended, but the overall look was surprisingly perfect! The whole sweater-dress-bag look is one I can get on-board with this winter and many winters to follow.

The best element of all is Scout—this sweater-dress is soft enough to wear against my skin (which is quite sensitive) without a wee poke to be felt. Many knitters have used Scout in their Humulus, and I have to say we all couldn’t have picked a better yarn for this design.

Find all the Scout colors and stockists list here. Let me know if you’re making or planning to make a Humulus in Scout, too!

Designer Feature: Germantown Hats by Chiaki Hayashi

Our Germantown yarn is one of those go-to-for-anything yarns we keep reaching for over and over again. It’s ideal for plain, textured, and stranded knitting. While we’ve been busy knitting piles of textured swatches and sweaters, two new designs by Chiaki Hayashi popped up on Ravelry showcasing Germantown’s colorwork capabilities.

Germantown  Rolled Edge Hat  +  Ribbed Brim Hat  by Chiaki Hayashi | Image: Chiaki Hayashi

Germantown Rolled Edge Hat + Ribbed Brim Hat by Chiaki Hayashi | Image: Chiaki Hayashi

Chiaki Hayashi’s new Germantown Rolled Brim and Ribbed Brim Hats, feature a total of five beautiful shades of Germantown: Persian Red, Natural, Sage, Goldenrod, and Navy.

These adorable hats are ideal for the novice color work knitter - they teach knitting in the round with two colors, using straightforward motifs that are easy to follow.

Luckily, Germantown is as affordable as it is beautiful, and comes in skeins with ample yardage - enough to make several hats!

We hope to see colorful versions of Chiaki’s hats popping up on Instagram soon! #KWGermantown