Cumbria FINGERING Yarn - The Fibre Co. 

• 60% merino wool, 30% masham wool, 10% mohair
• 328 yds/100 gram skein
• 26-30 sts = 4" (10 cm) on US 1-3 needle

Inspired by England's stunning northwest region with its deep blue lakes and sheep-grazed fells and valleys, Cumbria Fingering is a lighter weight version of our popular Cumbria, a lustrous blend of 30% brown masham wool from rare breed sheep, 60% fine S. American merino wool, and 10% mohair. The resulting light brown-grey shade is then over dyed creating lovely deep saturated colors. Cumbria Fingering is a staple yarn, perfect for garments and accessories alike. 

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Cumbria Fingering Yarn