Designer Feature: Beartooth Pass by Bonnie Dean

One of the most thrilling aspects of putting a new yarn out into the world is seeing what lovely designs others come up with! We're so delighted to see new patterns pop up in our first Kelbourne Woolens yarn, Andorra, and this cowl by designer, editor, and hand dyed yarn purveyor Bonnie Dean is no exception!

Bear Tooth Pass is designed using two highly contrasting colors of Andorra. Completely reversible, it features tuck stitches and an Italian tubular cast on and bind off.

The cowl is the first of four featured in Bonnie's Tuck Stitch Collection. The tuck stitch is used often in machine knitting, but isn't as prevalent in hand knitting, so I am excited to see Bonnie use it and cannot wait to see what the next few designs in the collection entail.

Kelbourne Woolens Andorra, Cloud Gray 057 and Sunshine Yellow 734 – 1 skein each.
Gauge: 26 sts and 48 rows=4”/10 cm in pattern stitch, in sport weight yarn, unblocked
Needles: US 7 (for cast on and bind off) and US 2.
Size: 30"/76 cm circumference and 7"/18 cm tall

You can purchase the pattern here. Lovely work, Bonnie!

February Featured Finds Round Up

For almost two years, we've been sending out a weekly newsletter, Featured Finds, where we share little tidbits from around the world that we find interesting. The topics range far and wide, and are guaranteed to be interesting, educational, or thought provoking. Once a month, we'll be sharing the top ten highlights (on no particular order) from the weeks prior. February highlights are below. Enjoy!

1 / Kay and Anne from Mason Dixon Knitting are "Banging out a Carbeth". Are you?

2 / As business owners who have young children, we have given a lot of thought to making our office welcoming to pumping. Most, though, aren't so lucky

3 / In honor of her son James, our dear friend - and spectacular ray of sunshine - Margaux Hufnagel started a campaign, The Rare Stitch. Read about it here.

4 / Knitting is my job, but sewing is my hobby. Enjoy your hobbies - not everything has to be a side hustle!

5 / This 90 year old Czech artist is basically the person I hope one day to become. 

6 / I created a tutorial on working increases within charts. A perfect new skill for working the Delia hat from The Andorra Collection or Bennett Creek from the Luma Collection!

7 / Cashmere. We all love it. And we're concerned about the care and health of the people and animals involved in the processing. But just how ethical is ethical cashmere?

8 / Which Bernadette are you?

9 / There were some pretty spectacular moments of the Olympics. But we couldn't help but notice all of the participants knitting - like this ski coach from Finland.

10 / Ada Blackjack: seamstress, survivor, inspiration.


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The Rare Stitch

We all know that knitting can bring together communities and form bonds of friendship with other knitters all over the country, and the world. I think it's one of the reasons we all like to knit! We can feel a closeness with people we otherwise might not have had the opportunity to meet, and our common interest (YARN!) is the common thread (pardon the pun). One of the lovely people we've had the opportunity to get to know, and work with on occasion, is knitter, designer, and fierce mom Margaux Hufnagel. We first met Margaux through Patricia's Yarns, a local yarn store in Hoboken, NJ owned by our friend Patricia Scribner. That was nearly ten years ago! Way back in 2009, Margaux designed the 5th Avenue Cowl using The Fibre Co. Canopy Worsted

Well, years later Margaux is still an active designer, and also one of the toughest moms I know. Her son James was born with a rare disease called AHC, Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood. AHC is a rare neurological disorder which causes repeated and often unexpected attacks of partial paralysis, often affecting one side or part of the body at a time. Margaux has been a champion for her little boy, and the rare disease research community. In fact, James has managed to mobilize his entire family into an AHC fighting machine! Even Margaux's amazing dad is now the Vice President of the CureAHC Foundation

Earlier this month, Margaux emailed me to say:

"February 28th is Rare Disease Day. The day we get to shine a light on so many kids and adults living with a Rare Disease, including my son James. I have been thinking of ways to increase awareness for Rare Disease in the community I love so much and realized that knitting is a perfect metaphor for the odds of rare disease. Thinking about your knitting as a population, how many hundreds of thousands of stitches do you knit? Now imagine if one of those stitches is “off”. A sea of stockinette but one isn’t quite the same... So what am I asking you to do? Something very simple. Grab a knit you’re working on or one you already have and duplicate stitch One Stitch in a contrasting color. One stitch of so many that is different. That stands out from the rest. That can’t be ignored. "

"A disease or disorder is defined as rare when it affects less than 200,000 people in the US. My son James is diagnosed with Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood which has only 380 cases. A one in a million chance diagnosis.

I’d love to start seeing these “rare stitches” pop up around social media! Maybe James is the one you know, maybe you know of another? Tell their story! By the time Rare Disease Day happens on Feb 28th, I can imagine seeing a flood of Rare Stitches all over the world. 

You can use hashtag #therarestitch and tag me at @1010_studio when you post. I’d love to see them and want to create a huge “collage” by the end of the month!  Please encourage or tag others to keep it going. 

A donation to or the Rare Disease charity of your choice is optional and always welcomed. James (4) is going into Kindergarten next year and this spring will be one of huge transition. He still has episodes of weakness weekly and I do worry what his life will look like when he’s older. However, seeing the village around us supporting him (and me) as we keep making our way through this Rare Disease world is amazing. I know I wouldn’t be as chipper as I am without you all! I cannot thank you all enough for being a part of our journey and helping to shine a light on that One Stitch of many."

Margaux's Penelope Cowl, featured above, is available for sale on Ravely now. We hope you'll join us in creating and posting a rare stitch of your own in honor of James and Rare Disease Day!

Thanks for sharing, Margaux. We love you!