Featured Projects: Meadow

I case you missed it, we're hosting our 3rd annual MKAL featuring The Fibre Co Meadow beginning June 1st. In celebration, I thought it would be nice to feature some finished projects knitters have made using Meadow to show just how lovely and versatile the yarn is!

1) NURSING SHAWL by Ginny Sheller

             Image © Ginny Sheller

             Image © Ginny Sheller

This stunning version of Antarktis by Janina Kallio was a gift from Ginny to her sister, Angie. Knit out of larkspur, the shawl is both utilitarian and lovely.

2) WEATHERED PULLOVER by Amber Corcoran

             Image © Amber Corcoran

             Image © Amber Corcoran

Amber from Fancy Tiger knit this amazing version of the Weathered Pullover by Ann Weaver out of black adder paired with Habu silk-stainless steel in brick. We love the contrast of the geometric shape and design knit using natural colors.

3) BACKUS PONCHO by Anneli

                                              Image © Anneli

                                              Image © Anneli

I have had Veronika by Julie Wisenberger on my "must-knit" list since trying it on at TNNA a few years ago. This version, knit by Anneli in bergamot, looks amazing. 

4) DEAD NETTLE by Liz Mathias

                                              Image © Liz Mathias

                                              Image © Liz Mathias

While she admits the project took a while and was a bit of a bear to get through, we can all agree this version of Allium by Grace Anna Farrow (from our Allium Collection), knit by Liz Mathias out of fennel and pennyroyal, is stunning. I especially love how this photo shows off the drape of meadow and how beautiful this stitch pattern looks after blocking. 

There is much more lovely work to be seen via the Meadow project page on Ravelry, including the finished shawls from our last two MKALs. If you still need to purchase your pattern for the 2015 MKAL, you can do so via our pattern page here


make. wear. love. retreat 2015

We're delighted (thrilled, honored, excited) to share that Courtney and I will be teaching at the 3rd annual make. wear. love. retreat organized by Amy Herzog in the stunningly gorgeous Sebasco Harbor Resort in Maine on October 1-4th. (Check out that harborside saltwater pool!) 

Amy was kind enough to let us design our classes around two of our great loves: working from charts and stranded color work:

BEYOND STRIPES: In this class, we will focus on a number of ways to add color to your knitting. Techniques to be covered include Bohus knitting, Roositud inlay, Intarsia, and Embroidery. We will go over the history and common uses/applications, differences and similarities, and how to work each technique. Additionally, we will talk about designing, common design applications, best uses (i.e. when to use Intarsia versus Fair Isle) and ways to incorporate each technique into original designs. Students will leave class with a sampler and a wealth of information and inspiration. (Full-day and 3-hour.)

STRANDED COLORWORK: In this class, we will focus on stranded knitting, and discuss the difference between stranded colorwork, Fair Isle, Setestal, Selbu, and Bohus knitting. We will go over the history and common uses/applications, differences and similarities, and how to work each technique. We will cover one- and two-handed colorwork, proper uses and applications of tacking long floats, carrying yarns, reading charts, and proper tension and finishing techniques. Students will leave class with a sampler and a wealth of information and inspiration. (3-hour only.)

Registration begins today at noon EST at Amy's Website: amyherzogdesigns.com. It's important to note that attendees are responsible for arranging their own lodging with Sebasco – there are a number of different options from rooms in the (newly updated!) main lodge, to a lighthouse, to cabins. 

For more information, you can see the full informational PDF here, including more detailed information about registration, the amazing other classes being taught, and a schedule of the weekend. See you there!


Knitter Projects: Maeve

Today's knitter project is a perfect little sweater for transitioning into warmer days. Whether you need to keep the chill off your shoulders on a cool evening or in an over air conditioned office, we love Maeve by Carrie Bostick Hodge

Maeve, Fibre Company

Jen used The Fibre Co Savannah in Crepe Myrtle instead of the Canopy Worsted originally called for in the pattern. This makes it a great sweater for warmer weather since Savannah is a lighter weight yarn and a blend of merino, cotton, soy, and linen. 

Maeve, Fibre Co

Jen also made her sleeves a little shorter. We love her version for spring and summer. Great job, Jen! 

All photos © RavelJ, used with permission.

KW Style It: Clearview Cowl

Spring has officially sprung here in Philadelphia. So much so, we're all wondering where it went, and why summer came early! The advent of spring means one thing for me an my family: outside, outside, outside. With our daughter, Charlie, in daycare during the week, we try to pack in as much time on the weekends together playing outside, "planting a rainbow" in the garden, walking the dogs, exploring the local parks, visiting farmer's markets, and having little picnics out in the yard.

With that in mind, I put together three looks with the Clearview Cowl by Leah McGlone designed using two colors of The Fibre Co Road to China Lace for the Effortless Collection that are perfect for packed weekend days playing outside at the park, shopping for local produce, and having a picnic lunch. 


Probably the "fanciest" of the three looks, this outfit is deceptively comfortable - a white t-shirt, classic Birkenstocks, and flowy culottes are easy pieces to throw on in the morning in order to  effortlessly look good while chasing toddlers. A travel mug filled with hot black tea and sunglasses are must-haves any time of day! 


Oh, farmer's markets. While, admittedly quite trendy, farmer's markets are also quite amazing: a visit to one in your area is a simple way to affordably access local produce - arguably the best way to eat - support small business owners, spend time outside, and, in our case, seek out unique and novel ways to introduce our kid to new foods to expand her palette. For my visit, I paired comfortable clogs with some worn-in jeans. The addition of some costume jewelry and a buttondown takes it from shlumpy to "effortlessly chic" without looking out of place amongst the hard working farmers.


clearview - 1.jpg

Last weekend we blew Charlie's mind by suggesting we bring an old quilt out to the front yard to have a snack before heading out to run a few errands. (We then spent every meal of the rest of the weekend out on the blanket.) It was a really fun way to change up our routine, and she got such a kick out of it, so it was a win-win. For this style, a midi-length dress is an easy way to look cute while easily sitting down to eat. Comfortable sneakers, a striped blanket, and LeSportSac (machine washable!) to hold all of your snacks are all picnic essentials. 

.....is it the weekend yet?

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Check out all of the colors of Road to China Lace here, or the three designs in the Effortless Collection here
Do you have a Kelbourne Woolens pattern you would love to see in our Style It feature? Let us know in the comments below!

Fringe Hatalong #2: My Finished L'arbre!

A couple of weeks ago our friend Karen Templer of Fringe Association announced the second Hatalong in her series,  L'Arbre by Cirilia Rose featuring The Fibre Co. Road to China. I immediately put all of my other WIPs aside and started planning my own.

Featuring the "Little Tree" stitch pattern, L'Arbre is a perfect hat for early spring nights. I used The Fibre Co. Road to China in apatite and I'm pretty excited about this pop of teal in my mostly grey, black, navy, and olive colored wardrobe. My L'Arbre was the perfect commuting project - simple, easy to read, but still engaging for mornings with 20 minutes train delays.

While knitting my L'Arbre, I rediscovered my love for Road to China and its blend of baby alpaca, silk, camel, and cashmere. In the worsted weight it truly stands out as a "treat yourself" yarn and I'm already hunting through our Road to China Worsted pattern archive for a belated mothers day present (sorry mom). 

In terms of customization, I added 0.75" to the brim length, but other than that I followed Cirilia's pattern to a T (including spotting the little bit of errata that she posted on Instagram here). I had a lovely time knitting along with everyone in the #fringehatalong tag and can't wait to see what Hatalong #3 has in store! A big thank you to Karen for organizing this awesome hatalong series and shoutout to Cirilia and STC Craft for the free L'Arbre pattern

To purchase The Fibre Co. Road to China Worsted, click here, or contact a lovely Fibre Co. stockist in your area! -LM

{Top to images by Jared Flood and © STC and Jared Flood}

KW Me Made May 2015!

It is that time of year, again, Me Made May! We decided it would be fun as an office to officially participate in order to encourage one another to wear the countless items we have knit, crocheted, and sewn.

We, Leah, Courtney, Kate, and Meghan, are signing up for Me Made May 2015 with the goal of at least one of us wearing something Me-Made 7 days a week. We will encourage one another, and be inspired by the handmade wardrobe we all have hiding in our closets!

To kick things off, here we are all looking a little silly and awkward (something you're bound to get used to over the next month). Leah is wearing her sample of the Clearview Cowl, Courtney is wearing her Perrin, I am sporting my Meltwater Pullover, and Meghan is wearing a Scout Tee we made when we hung out together at Handcraft Workshop's Open Sew Night a while back. 

We'll be mostly sharing our Me Made May posts on Instagram under the #mmmay15 and #kwmmay15 hashtags, but hope to do a roundup as well. See you there! - KGO

KW Style It: L'Arbre by Cirilia Rose

If you've been following along in Instagram, you may have noticed Leah knit along with the Fringe Hatalong #2: L'Arbre by Cirilia Rose in Road to China. Her hat is newly complete (an official post on that soon!), and I though it would be great to showcase it in three unique spring styles. 

Our office dress-code is pretty low-key. From one day to the next, we could be hauling 40 kilo boxes, stacking shelves, packing orders, taking photos, or sitting at our desks emailing. With the understanding that as long as no one is offended, it's all pretty much acceptable. 

With that in mind, I put together three outfits one of us could wear to work on any given day. While unique in style, they all feature layers and transition pieces that will take us from cool morning to warm evening commutes.


KW Style It - L'Arbre by Cirilia Rose

A pair of classic black jeans, a unique chambray, and oversized cardigan are classic pieces made unique with leather loafers, a plaid scarf, and feminine earrings. 


KW Style it: L'Arbre by Cirilia Rose

As the week goes on, things tend to get a little more casual. Comfortable kicks, a backpack perfect for hauling a laptop or large knitting project, and my all time favorite spring must-have: a jean jacket.


KW Style it: L'Arbre by Cirilia Rose

While still appropriate for our office, this is definitely the most casual look and would transition easily into the weekend. I love the juxtaposition of the leather jacket with the vibrantly colored embroidered bag.


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Color Stories: Grey Wolves

All of this pleasant Spring weather has me looking forward to summer knitting. I really want a nice, lightweight top knit out of lace weight yarn. I want it to be nice enough that I can wear it to work but could also be worn with a pair of cutoffs on the weekend. And I'm thinking it should be a good, cool neutral.

Here's the board I put together with these thoughts in mind:

The perfect top would be a versatile combination of drama and sweetness, sass and style. I found, and fell in love with, the Maja pattern by Marita Rollin. It's a refreshing and modern take on the-top-that-goes-with-everything. It embodies all my summer top ideals.

Marita has written the pattern to be knit both with a lace weight yarn held single or held double (Maja-Gima and Maja-Kiito, respectively). The top with the yarn held double is what is shown above. For a lighter, more airy top that would do justice to the hottest months, The Fibre Co Meadow held single would be wonderful. The color blocking with the asymmetrical hem adds visual interest without overwhelming the wearer and the sleeveless, mostly stockinette construction will be a quick knit. There are a lot of color options for this one, including a great marled version if one chooses to go with the yarn held double version.  

The following are two color combinations in The Fibre Co Meadow that I would choose for this top. The first uses bolder neutrals and the second combo uses softer neutrals.

Queen Anne's Lace for the main body portion.

Black Adder and Larkspur for the color block portions.

For a more blended palette I would go with these neutrals:

Cornflower for the main body portion.

Bluebonnet and Fennel for the color block portions.

What color combinations would you choose?

Happy knitting! - Meghan