Craftsy BIG Fall Sale!

Wondering what to knit this Fall? Looking to improve your skills? Want to gain more confidence in your lace work? Then take advantage of Craftsy's Big Fall Sale and sign up for our Craftsy class, New Directions in Lace: Hats for a 50% savings! We had such a great time filming this class with Stephanie Japel and the rest of the Craftsy crew, and we hope you enjoy participating in the class as much as we enjoyed creating it! Click on the image below and scroll to the bottom to find New Directions in Lace!

The first hat, the Spiral Lace Hat, is a simple lace pattern which really helps train your eye to see how and where the pattern moves as you knit.

The second hat, the top-down Medallion Crown hat, is a great way to build your chart reading skills and to build upon what you've learned in the first hat. Plus, you'll learn Courtney's favorite top-down cast on!

The third hat, the True Lace Hat, takes you one step further to working lace patterning on every round. This hat also features very beautifully integrated decreases that even them most skilled knitter and designer can learn from and appreciate!

And, plus, by joining the class, you get personalized instruction from us. The Craftsy platform is a great way to pick our brains! If you haven't been able to take a class with us at your LYS, this is a great way to get access to our exclusive Craftsy patterns AND one on one instruction from us.

All three hats use Canopy Worsted, and each takes only one skein. You can find Canopy Worsted through one of our lovely stockists, or purchase a kit when you sign up for our class!


Amanda Knitalong / Cabling Without a Cable Needle

As I mentioned in my last post, I am one of the contributors to the Amanda Knitalong on Fringe Association. If you took the time to read Karen's Meet the Panel post,  you may have noticed that I am working the cables of the cardigan without a cable needle. I do this for a few reasons: a) I am notorious for never having notions. I use snippets of whatever yarn I'm working with for stitch markers, I don't think I've met a darning needle I've used more than once, and I own about 10 tape measures but only know where one is at any given moment, and b) I think it is much, much faster. With at least 5 deadlines going at any given moment, faster = better. We usually teach this technique when in classes + workshops on cabling, and it is a big hit. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when cabling without a needle:
• This technique works best with smaller cables: 2, 4, and 6-stitch cables are great, 8 is an "at-your-own-risk" proposition.
• A sharp needle point is helpful, but not necessary.
• The more slippery the yarn + needle combination, the harder the technique will be.

In the images below I'm working my no-cable-needle cables on the herringbone portion of my Amanda cardigan sleeve. Each cable in this section is a 4 stitch all knit cable: 2 stitches are slipped, 2 are knit and then the 2 slipped stitches are knit.


1. Slide the first 2 sts off of your LH needle. Hold these stitches to the front of your work.

KW Tips + Tricks: Cabling without a cable needle

2. Slide the next 2 sts off of your LH needle onto your RH needle.

KW Tips + Tricks

3. Slide the 2 loose front-held stitches one at a time onto your LH needle.

KW Tips + Tricks: Cabling without a cable needle

4. Slide the 2 sts one at a time from your RH needle to your LH needle. You now have all 4 stitches of the cable on the LH needles, pre-crossed in the correct cable stitch.

KW Tips + Tricks

5. Knit all 4 stitches. You cable is complete!


1. Slide the first 2 sts off of your LH needle. Hold these stitches to the back of your work.

2. Slide the next 2 sts off of your LH needle onto your RH needle.

3. Slide the 2 loose back-held stitches one at a time onto your LH needle.

4. Slide the 2 sts one at a time from your RH needle to your LH needle. You now have all 4 stitches of the cable on the LH needles, pre-crossed in the correct cable stitch.

5. Knit all 4 stitches. You cable is complete! - KGO

Like what you see? Looking for more? Visit our Tips + Tricks page here

And the Winner is...

Last week the fall issue of Knitty was released featuring the Connectivity by Mari ChibaConnectivity calls for The Fibre Company Canopy Worsted as well as the Feel Good Yarn Company SilverSpun. Last week we announced a giveaway for a Connectivity gloves kit featuring a skein of Canopy Worsted and SilverSpun

The lucky winner of our Connectivity gloves giveaway is Shanna with her comment:

"Oooh, I think I would pick Obsidian and then the gloves would match anything in my wardrobe."

Congrats Shanna! Send us an email at info {at} kelbournewoolens {dot} com to claim your Connectivity gloves kit and thanks to everyone else who participated in the contest! Don't forget to check out Connectivity in the latest issue of Knitty, here and read more about the pattern from our original blog post, here

amirisu Fall 2014: Crop Top by Lori Versaci

Fall is almost here and to say I'm excited is an understatement. Sweaters, scarves and hats are starting to pop up on my Ravelry feed adding to both my excitement and Ravelry queue. A recent addition to my queue is the Crop Top pattern from friend and fellow designer, Lori Versaci featured in the fall issue of amirisu

Yeah, it's adorable. Featuring Acadia in Driftwood Lori's Crop Top is a great layering piece for the upcoming fall season. Pair it with a belted shirtdress, boots and a fall jacket and you're ready for a classic fall day. 

I've picked out some color options for my very own Crop Top - Blue Heron is definitely the front runner with Wild Onion and Moraine running a close second and third. 

You can find out more information about Lori's Crop Top pattern in the latest issue of amirisu, here or on the Ravelry project page, here. To view more of Lori's designs, head on over to her website, here. For more information on The Fibre Company's Acadia, click here

Happy knitting!

Knitty Fall 2014: Connectivity by Mari Chiba

The fall issue of Knitty was released today and we couldn't be happier to see one of our dear friends, Mari featured in this issue. Mari's Connectivity gloves, features The Fibre Company's Canopy Worsted as well as The Feel Good Yarn Company's Silverspun to create a pair of smart phone friendly mittens perfect for the upcoming fall and winter season. Plus, check out the bottom of this blog post for a Connectivity gloves giveaway!

Featuring Canopy Worsted in Sumac (left) and Obsidian (right) alongside The Feel Good Yarn Company's SilverSpun for the fingers, these gloves will keep your hands warm with a practical twist. SilverSpun features actual silver within the plyed yarn so you can use your touch screen device while keeping your hands warm. Not to mention that SilverSpun has an entire list of therapeutic qualities to help those with diabetes, arthritis and sensitive skin. 

The Feel Good Yarn Company has kitted up the Connectivity gloves and they're available for purchase on the company's website, here. The kit includes a skein of SilverSpun and Canopy Worsted perfect for on-the-go fall knitting.

We'll be giving away a Connectivity glove kit to one of our lucky readers! To enter, comment below with the color of Canopy Worsted you would use for a pair of Connectivity gloves and we'll choose a winner at random next Tuesday. The contest ends Monday, September 15th at 11:59 PM EST, so get commenting and good luck! 

For more information about the Connectivity gloves and the latest issue of Knitty, head on over to the website, here. To view more of Mari's lovely designs, head on over to her website here. To read more about SilverSpun and the Feel Good Yarn Company, head on over to their website, here

Happy Knitting!

{All photos Copyright 2014 Mari Chiba and used with permission}

#crochetsummer2014: Back to School!

School is now in session here in Philadelphia, and around the country, but we still have a couple more weeks until the first official day of fall, September 23rd. I've been looking for some cute back to school crochet projects to do with my son's first grade class in the hopes of getting them "hooked" this fall! 

Could these be crocheted around an actual pencil--so that you can still write with it? Because that would be amazing. 

This easy-peasy pencil case can be worked up quickly, and I love the idea of using the single crochet fabric like cross stitch fabric! I've been thinking about doing that on something for myself this fall. Some of you may remember this great crochet project from the Purl Bee using the same technique.

There's a bunch of these apple/pear/fruit cosies online, in many styles, perfect for keeping fruit from bruising in a lunchbox or backpack. 

These "backpack buddies" are a free pattern excerpt from designer Lori Zeller, whose crocheted school bus also fits the bill!

And, last but not least, my personal favorite. The crocheted alphabet. Done and done!

We hope you enjoy your last couple of weeks of #crochetsummer2014! 

Introducing the Kelbourne Woolens Knit Checks!

We're excited to announce the Kelbourne Woolens Knit Checks are in-stock and available for purchase from our online shop as well as Fibre Company and Kelbourne Woolens retailers in your area

Kelbourne Woolens Knit Checks

Last year we held our first Kelbourne Woolens pop-up shop in our local neighborhood of Mt. Airy. Before the event I asked my close friend Coby to help design a Kelbourne Woolens exclusive knit check and they were a hit with customers. We immediately started sourcing production within the United States and with countless prototypes we're proud to announce that these lovely knit checks are available to the public!

Made out of baltic birch, the Kelbourne Woolens knit checks are a great addition to your notions arsenal. The larger model features increments in both inches and centimeters as well as a needle gauge for US, mm and hook sizes. The keychain knit check is perfect for the on-the-go knitter. 

Both models are available through our online store, here and will be available wherever Fibre Company and Kelbourne Woolens products are sold. 

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do and happy swatching! 

Knitter Projects: Hawkes

We've been overwhelmed by the response to our new yarn, Knightsbridge, and we're excited to see projects popping up on Ravelry already! 

All images © Bleuberrie, used with permission. 

Jane knit the Hawkes pullover by Hillary Callis Smith from the Knightsbridge Collection. She used Knightsbridge in Poole. 

All images © Bleuberrie, used with permission. 

All images © Bleuberrie, used with permission. 

Jane knit this for her LYS, Fibre Space, as a class sample. She did a great job and it's sure to be a wonderful class! 

Knitter Projects: Love Braid Cardigan

We're excited to bring you another beautiful finished project in one of the Fibre Company yarns! Today we're featuring the Love Braid Cardigan from Knitscene Summer 2013, designed by by Melissa Wehrle and knit by Mia in Fibre Company Acadia in Strawberry. The technique used by Melissa to create the braided look on the back is really unique, and goes to show there's always something more to learn with knitting! 

Love Braid Cardigan back in Fibre Co Acadia

We also love Mia's styling of this cute summer sweater with a brightly colored dress. Great job, Mia! 

{All images © Mia Rosa and used with permission}