Color Stories: Deer November

I love this time of year. The mornings are frosty and the air is sharp and dry. The bright fall colors are starting to fade into dusky lavenders, dove grays, and the color of toast.  

Where I grew up on the western edge of Iowa, we would wake up in the mornings and see fresh deer tracks running across our front yard. Sometimes, we would see their sleeping impressions in a protected corner of the yard. We lived in the city but near the Loess Hills preserve, so even though this happened often, I always thought it was special because it was real "wildlife". Even now, I'm still awed at the sight of a deer standing still in the woods.

Sometimes on weekends I would go traipsing through the Loess Hills, looking for a good climbing tree or scouting for more signs of wildlife. Although I usually found no more than some wild hares and hoof prints, I always loved these solitary walks and they satisfied my younger self's desire for adventuring.

The adult me would like to tell the younger me to keep on adventuring, but to wear a good hat! 

waverly 5.jpg

This is the Waverly hat by our own Kate Gagnon Osborn. It's a perfectly quick fall project that only takes one skein of Terra in the new 100 gram put-up. Knit one up for yourself and go take a walk and enjoy this beautiful time of the year.

Make your own fall adventuring hat and tag it with #madewiththefibreco and #madewithkelbournewoolens so we can see it! Happy trails! -MLK

Knitter Projects: Keswick Cardigan

Janet (aka Loden) recently knit a Keswick Cardigan out of the Fibre Co. Cumbria in Catbells and the end result is stunning! 

KEswick by Kate Gagnon Osborn knit by Janet in Cumbria
Keswick by Kate Gagnon Osborn knit by Janet in Cumbria

We met Janet at the Make. Wear. Love. retreat hosted by Amy Herzog and are so impressed with how quickly she finished her Keswick and how well it fits! The pumpkin orange looks amazing on her, and is a perfect color for fall. 

Gorgeous work, Janet!

Have you made something using a Kelbourne Woolens pattern or The Fibre Co. yarns? We'd love to see it! Share with us via the hashtags #madewiththefibreco or #madewithkelbournewoolens - KGO

New Products: KW Notions

We recently received a shipment of new notions, including two newly designed knit checks and a keychain gauge check.

L to R: Keychain Knitcheck, Knitcheck, Keychain Needle Check, Ruler + Needle Gauge

If you're looking for a perfect small gift, stocking stuffer, or a treat for yourself, we also have a Crafters Supply Pack filled with all your knitting or crocheting needs! 

All four notions and the Crafters Supply Pack are in our online shop and a LYS near you!

Tips and Tricks: Joining a Folded Brim

One of the items I love knitting most are hats, and the folded brim is a technique I use often (seen on HenriettaGretelBismark, and most recently Seathwaite).

When you begin with a provisional cast-on - I prefer and exclusively use the crochet provisional cast on, detailed in Tips + Tricks here - and join the cast on and live stitches, the end result is a seamless folded brim that is warm and strong and requires no additional finishing save for weaving in ends. 

In addition to your in-progress knitting, you will also need:
• A single double pointed needle or circular needle of the same size or one smaller than the needle you are working with.

KW Tips + Tricks: Folded Brim

STEP 1 / Unclip your stitch marker and transfer the provisionally cast on stitches to your spare circular needle or dpn. If using a dpn, you will only transfer a few stitches at a time, as I have done above. 

KW Tips + Tricks: Folded Brim

STEP 2 / Fold the work half so that the wrong sides of the brim are facing. Position the spare needle and working needle together on the left hand side. 

KW Tips + Tricks: Folded Brim

STEP 3a / Holding the left hand (front needle) and spare (back needle) together, using the same technique as you would in a three-needle bind off, and working the stitches as they appear on the RS of your knitting, work the first stitch on the front needle and first stitch on back needle together as one. In the brim above, my ribbing began with a k2, so I am working the first stitches as a knit.

KW Tips + Tricks: Folded Brim

STEP 3b / First stitch completed.

KW Tips + Tricks: Folded Brim

STEP 4 / Repeat Step 3 for the second stitch.

Continue in this manner, working around the full circumference of the hat. If your folded brim is ribbed, you will notice the stitches are off by one half of a stitch on the inside of the brim. This is normal, and due to the nature of joining two pieces of opposing fabric. As long as you make sure to always work 1 stitch on the front with one stitch on the back, you will end up with no extra stitches at the end. 

KW Tips + Tricks: Folded Brim

If you are using a dpn for your spare (back needle), as you work around, you will need to unzip the provisional cast on stitches in order to place more live stitches on the needle.

KW Tips + Tricks: Folded Brim

Once complete, all of the provisional stitches will have been worked with the live stitches on your needle. The original end from picking up the provisionally cast on stitches will be situated at the round where the stitches have been joined, and your needles and working yarn is in position to work another round.

Baa-ble Hat in The Fibre Co. Cumbria

Since I Already have my sample Seathwaite, I'm using the folded brim I worked for the tutorial to make a Baa-ble Hat. It is such a fun, quick knit, and I plan on finishing in the next few days. - KGO

KW Style It: Seathwaite Hat

Karen and I have been really please with the positive response to the Seathwaite Hat, so I thought it would be fun to work up a few outfit possibilities for the hat to show both its functionality and versatility.

STYLE ONE: Urban Office

It may seem counterintuitive to pair a heavily cabled hat in a rustic yarn with more formal office wear, but I think the dichotomy of the crist floral skirt, striped sweater, and classic leather goods makes for a really modern look that is both practical and fashionable. 

STYLE TWO: Fall Garden

Quite different from the first look, this outfit represents a quintessential fall look: the worn-in jeans, rugged jacket, and work boots are perfect companions to the hat while finishing up fall gardening in preparation for winter. 


I wanted a look that met the first two in the middle - not too casual, yet appropriate for every day wear that would look appropriate in a more casual office, or while out with friends for lunch. 

How would you style your Seathwaite? We'd love to see it! Share with us via the hashtags #madewiththefibreco or #madewithkelbournewoolens and #fringehatalong. - KGO